Our Team
Victor Herry, MD

Internal Medicine/ Allergy & Immunology

Ardeshir Davoodi, MD

Internal Medicine

Lloyd Evelyn


Desmond Johnson, MD

Internal Medicine/ Rheumatology

Melody Nangle, NP

Internal Medicine & PCMH Clinician Lead 

Anne Serrano

Practice Coordinator

Meyon Koerts

  Medical Assistant

Our Practice


Preventive Care Network Services offers high-quality, comprehensive health care to patients age 12 and above for primary care and all ages for allergy and immunology. Our board-certified and board-eligible providers have extensive experience in all aspects of primary care, and we are proud to offer a variety of specialty services. We will work diligently with you to develop a care plan that will fit your specific health care needs.


Learn More about the Patient Centered Medical Home:


The PCMH provides specific care needs related to prevention, health maintenance, urgent care, chronic care, or rehabilitation.

Goals include:

1. Team-based care and practice 


2. Care management protocols based on

     proven best practices in the industry

3. Knowledge and management of


4. Care coordination

5. Convenient access to care and       

     continuity of care

6. Patient education

7. Performance measurement and 

     quality improvement

We are seeking NCQA recognition to become a PCMH because we aim to provide the best patient experience as possible.

Learn about Advance Directives:

        Life-threatening illness is a difficult subject to deal with. If you plan now, however, your choices can be respected, and you can relieve at least some of the burden from your loved ones in the future. Adults can decide for themselves whether they want medical treatment. This right to decide- to say yes or no to proposed treatment- applies to treatments that extend life, like a breathing machine or a feeding tube. Tragically, accident or illness can take away a person's ability to make health care decisions, but decisions still have to be made. If you cannot do so, someone else will. These decisions should reflect your own values and priorities.

     A Maryland law called the Health Care Decisions Act says that you can do health care planning through "advance directives." An advance directive can be used to name a health care agent. This is someone you trust to make health care decisions for you. An advance directive can also be used to say what your preferences are about treatments that might be used to sustain your life.

Already have an Advance Directive?


Please bring a copy of your advance directive  with you during your next visit, so it can be scanned into your medical record.